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If you need support for your Cedar Roofing installation on a new home or with assistance on maintenance for your existing home our staff in Toronto can provide Cedar roofing support for you. Our staff can perform general maintenance and repairs on all types of Cedar roofs as well as perform installations and replacements on Cedar shingles. Many of the top Cedar shingles available on the market today offer longer lifespans and greater insulating properties than Cedar shingles that have been available for decades. If your roof needs repair or you would like help with the general maintenance on your Cedar shingles, we are the right company to call in the GTA.

We specialize in Cedar roofing and shingling that can last for the longest possible lifespan as well as the least amount of hassle for your home or business. Contact our company today for comprehensive quotes on all your Cedar roofing needs.

Cedar roofing has been around for decades and is still known today as one of the most long-lasting and durable roofs. Cedar roofs are created through the process of cutting the right size wood from cedar logs. Cedar shakes are pieces of cedar that are hand split with a unique feel while cedar shingles are precisely cut with a crisper appearance. Though Cedar roofs are maintained, they provide natural antibacterial and antifungal properties that prevent the roofs from warping, rotting, and splitting. Cedar roofs are eco-friendly as they are provided by nature and provide many beneficial attributes to your home. The durability of cedar roofs is exceptional and can provide up to 50 years of protection. Cedar roofs are also one of the most storm-resistant shingles, allowing you comfort during strong storms and unpredictable weather. The efficacy of cedar roofs can be much higher than an asphalt roof, providing up to 2x as much isolation. The return of investment on a cedar roof is then much higher than an average roof which puts more money in the pocket of the consumer. The aesthetic appeal of a cedar roof is something that brings you closer to nature as you feel for eco-friendly. As natural cedar ages, it begins to show a natural and beautiful grey but depending on the customer preference, can be prevented with UV protection. Cedar shingles are also provided in a wide range of colours which opens an almost endless option for your home. Different colours can provide different energy efficiencies which our experts would be happy to discuss.

With exceptional beauty, durability, resistance to storms, and energy efficacy, a cedar roof could be the last roof you ever purchase. With our experts in Toronto Mississauga and the surrounding area, we can provide both assistance and maintenance on your cedar roof installation and repairs. Installation, replacement, and general maintenance of cedar shingles can all be completed by our Homestar roofing expert staff. A cedar roof can provide you with one of the longest and least amount of hassle for your home and business so contact our Home Star Roofing today for a detailed professional quote. With expert knowledge and expert staff, Homestar can provide you with the best service in the GTA Tronto and Mississauga area.

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